Why Replace your Windows?

In turn-of-the-century homes, heavy wood windows that are painted shut are common. While this is an obvious reason for replacement windows, there are other signs that your windows and doors need replacing.

Why Replace your Windows?

My energy bill is outrageous

In a home that was built at the turn of the century, you’re likely to find drafty windows with single-pane glass that weren’t built to comply with building codes or standards. In a home that is 30 years old, windows may have aluminum frames that are poor insulators. Even in a home that is only 20 years old, windows may lack LowE, which is an important component that doubles the insulating value of the glass in your windows.

Older windows can be a source of air leakage or have inefficient glass, which can cause heat and cold transfer – all of which makes your heating and cooling systems work harder, resulting in higher energy bills.

They’re an eyesore

Hardware that’s damaged, door panels that are dented or water stains around the windows are just plain unsightly – and so are outdated window styles. New windows and doors show that you take pride in your home’s appearance and add value.

No Emergency escape route

When seconds count in a fire or an emergency situation, you need a reliable escape route from your home. Windows that are painted or nailed shut are unsafe and a serious safety risk. When you order new windows, be sure they comply with the Egress fire safety regulations in your area.

fade damage

While this is a less obvious reason to replace them, windows that lack a LowE coating on the glass can cause sun damage to valuable furnishings, window treatments, kitchen cupboards and even hardwood flooring.  Replacement windows with LowE will reflect the sun’s UV rays, preventing costly fading.