Why Choose EnergyStar Windows?

If you’re considering new windows, you may be wondering about the value of EnergyStar. Why choose EnergyStar windows? Are they more expensive? Is it worth the investment? We have the answers.

Why Choose EnergyStar Windows?

Some helpful facts:

  • For every dollar you spend on home energy costs, 50 cents is spent on heating. That’s half.
  • 25% of your home’s heat loss can be attributed your windows and doors.
  • EnergyStar windows and patio doors will save 7 to 12% on your home’s energy cost.
  • Windows should be replaced every 20 years.

Efficient features found in EnergyStar windows and patio doors:

1. Energy-Efficient Glass: Low Emissivity (LowE) glass has a metal-like coating, which reflects heat back into your home in the winter, while heat rays are reflected towards the outside in summer.

2. Warm-edge Spacer: A spacer creates a thermal break, insulating the edges of the glass panes and reducing heat transfer.

3. Odorless, harmless inert gas, such as Argon: Used to fill the thermopane, Argon is heavier than air, offering greater resistance to heat loss.

EnergyStar doesn’t mean more expensive.

EnergyStar windows aren’t necessarily more expensive than standard double-pane windows. That said, any cost difference would easily be offset by the savings in energy costs.

Professional Installation is Important

Having your EnergyStar windows professionally installed will help avoid heat loss and drafts around the window frame. Professional installation by trained, qualified installers is a good way to protect your investment.