4 Steps to Choosing EnergyStar Windows

We know that EnergyStar windows reduce your energy consumption, decrease drafts and increase your comfort. But, how do you select the right EnergyStar window? It’s really as easy as 4 simple steps:

4 Steps to Choosing EnergyStar Windows

1.    Look for the EnergyStar symbol

Look for the EnergyStar symbol on the unique EnergyStar label which also contains performance ratings that will help you make an informed decision. The information on this label has been validated by a third-party laboratory so you know that it’s reliable. 

2.    Know your EnergyStar climate zone

Every location in Canada fits into one of four climate zones, rated A (warmest) to D (coldest).

3.    Choose the right windows based on
your EnergyStar climate zone

After you’ve familiarized yourself with your climate zone, choose a product that fits your zone, or even a colder zone. As more than one product will fit your climate zone, you can further evaluate the product using the Energy Rating (ER) found on the EnergyStar label.

The Energy Rating (ER) is a value, usually from 0 to 50, that takes a number of important factors into consideration including Heat Transfer, Solar Radiation and Drafts or Air Leakage. A higher ER value means higher performance. 

4.    Optimize your EnergyStar windows
with professional installation

Having your EnergyStar windows professionally installed will help avoid air leakage and drafts around the window’s perimeter. Many professional installations will also include a warranty for added peace of mind. 

Watch this great video from Hydro-Quebec on Why to Choose EnergyStar Windows