Selecting your Interior Trim

Interior millwork adds substance to a home, providing architectural detail and character. Whether you’re building a new home and considering all trim options or simply replacing window and door casings, below is some more information to help you choose.

Selecting your Interior Trim

Like the choices that you will make when selecting your windows, there are many options for interior trim both in style and material. Let’s take a closer look.

Interior trim style

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If you’ve already given some thought as to the style of your home, be it Traditional, Country or Contemporary; you can apply the same principles of the design style to your interior trim.

If your home is Traditional, choose mouldings with more curves and detail. While it doesn’t have to be ornate, a Traditional home can carry larger mouldings and in more applications such as crown moulding or wainscoting. In keeping with a Country home, select shaker-style or square window casings that are installed with a traditional stool and apron.

In stark contrast to Traditional and Country styles, less is more when selecting interior millwork for Contemporary homes. Select casing and trims that are either simple in design, or smaller in size. You can also opt to go without window trim for an über modern look.

Interior trim material

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The material you select for your windows may influence the material you use for your interior trim. Wood windows lend themselves to a complementary species of wood trim, stained to match. Alternately, a white PVC window interior allows flexibility to select almost any material from MDF to finger-jointed pine, painted to match other trim in the home.