Minimizing Condensation

After installing new windows, especially in an older home lacking a heat or an air exchanger, you may notice increased condensation on the glass. While new windows don’t cause condensation, they will eliminate the air leakage that may have occurred around the frames of your old windows.

Minimizing Condensation

the cure for condensation

We know that condensation is the result of moisture build-up, which we create in our daily lives. We can begin by reducing the humidity produced by daily activities, namely:

  • Don’t dry clothes inside during the winter.
  • Always use the kitchen fan when cooking, and boil only the amount of water you need.
  • Use the bathroom fan when taking a shower or bath.
  • Ensure your clothes dryer is properly vented outside.
  • Run the humidifier only as required
  • Don’t dry firewood in the house – not even in the basement.
  • Allow air to circulate around the windows by opening the blinds and curtains.

Other steps

If the condensation in your home is excessive, you may need to take additional steps to remedy the problem. As too much condensation and moisture in the home can cause harmful mould and mildew, it is important to address the problem.

  • Create an air draft when the humidity is excessive, i.e., use an oscillating fan.
  • Buy a ventilation system equipped with a heat exchanger.

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