Innovation: The Future of Windows

Looking back 20 years, it is remarkable to note the innovations that have transformed how we live in our homes and how they’re constructed. Looking forward, one has to wonder – what’s next?

Innovation: The Future of Windows

Here are a few educated guesses:

more bells and whistles

As homes get “smarter”, we can control more objects within, using apps on our phones and tablets. One trade show last year showcased a window with a computer interface built right into the glass unit. While this might be a little beyond what we even require, it’s not a long shot to imagine glass whose tint can be controlled through an app or doors that could be locked remotely.

greater focus on AEsthetics

At this year’s International Builders Show, the focus was definitely on aesthetics. With a resurgence of Modern and Contemporary architecture not seen since the Mid-century, the design of windows and doors is evolving quickly to keep up. If this trend continues, we’ll see more expanses of glass with crisp, clean design lines.

more efficient than ever

In Europe, energy costs are higher and as such, fenestration technology has advanced more quickly than in North America. With the advent of more stringent building codes such as the North American Fenestration Standard, the bar will be raised for performance ratings here as well. Combined with the trend towards greater expanses of glass, windows will need to innovate to meet these stricter codes.