Research & Development

In order to maintain our status as a leader in the Canadian window and door industry, the ATIS Group pursues its research and development efforts on an ongoing basis. Drawing on the expertise of its team of engineers and designers, the Research and Development Department pushes the boundaries of currently available technology to enhance the performance of its products.

Research & Development


The development of energy-efficient technologies is a priority for the ATIS Group. Whatever we have in development – be it an environmentally responsible product line or products with insulation performance that meets the highest criteria – energy efficiency is at the core of the design principles underlying all solutions conceived by ATIS.


Quality control throughout the manufacturing process

Our 2006 acquisition of Extrusion SP – a subsidiary specializing in the production of window and door extrusions – has positioned the ATIS Group as an important Canadian window and door manufacturer which produces its own extrusions. It means that the ATIS Group can provide its clients with a range of products that are fully adapted to the reality of each province’s particular northern climate



A mix of glass derivatives intended to improve comfort and security is now available through the various ATIS Group brands and divisions. The most popular innovations that the ATIS Group currently offers include self-cleaning, sound-blocking and impact-resistant glass.



We offer self-heating window and door products which maximize comfort in a home during the Winter. These systems are equipped with electrodes built into the glass, through which a low level of electric current is transmitted to heat the conductive layer between the two panes.