About us

We devote our talents to developing, making, distributing and installing a complete range of state-of-the-art doors, windows and energy-efficient products, coast-to-coast.

About us

But beyond growth and talent, there are people. Enthusiasts who work throughout the country in our factories, offices and in the field. People with ideas and actions that have decided to embark on the Atis adventure for whom we have the utmost respect. Atis Group is fortunate to have dedicated employees in tune with our reality. People who share and carry on our Mission, Vision and our Atis Signature.

Our mission

From coast to coast, we focus our talents on developing, manufacturing, distributing and installing a complete range of doors, windows and state-of-the-art energy-efficient products. As an industry leader, our commitment is to improve our customers’ living environment, the energy efficiency of their properties, and to increase value over the long-term.


Our goal is to be Canada’s largest  manufacturer and distributor of doors, windows and energy-efficient products, with the country’s most extensive sales and installation network, producing work that our clients see as bearing our personalized, unique signature.

We will continually increase our revenues via sustained growth in all of our market segments as well as through acquisitions that have been successfully integrated into the Atis family.


What ATIS stands for



We are attentive
to our customers’


We offer our customers
state of the art technology


We take the initiative in constantly improving our processes and results


We provide excellent service which insures our customers’ peace of mind