Trim your windows and doors

The exterior of your house is the face of your home whose details make it standout against the others on the street. Trim details are important elements to consider when replacing your windows, or undergoing an exterior renovation project.

Trim your windows and doors

trim styles

From extravagant, generous trim that encases every window and corner of a traditional home to a slim brickmould surrounding the windows of a modern abode, there are many choices and considerations when designing the overall appearance of your home’s exterior.

Let’s start with the basics, to understand what trim pieces belong where:

  • Trim boards: Whether they’re made from wood, vinyl or engineered composites, these are basic boards milled and routed to create custom millwork and corners.
  • Casing or brickmould: Decorative mouldings mounted to a door or window, to create a surround.
  • Sill: The sill is the base of the window, sloped to shed water and provide architectural detail.
  • Drip cap: Typically used as a ledge to shed water and for separation between two different types of materials, be it at the top of a window or between siding types.
  • Crown mouldings: Decorative mouldings typically used at the intersection of the wall and ceiling or soffit. They may also be combined with other mouldings to create a built-up profile.
  • Skirt board: A traditional trim used at the base of the siding as a water board.

When designing your home’s exterior, look for inspiration in neighbourhoods you love, magazines or websites. Your architect or contractor can also be an invaluable source of information.


A simple upgrade that’s easier than a total exterior renovation – add a decorative brickmould when you select your windows and doors. Depending on the collection you choose, the brickmould options range from Colonial to Contemporary styles, in widths of up to four inches.