Safe and Secure: Burglar-Resistant Glass

Windows are a common entry point into the home for thieves and while locking devices are secure, the glass is obviously vulnerable. Taking the extra precaution to secure your home against theft protects not only your valuables, but also your sense of security.

Safe and Secure: Burglar-Resistant Glass

tested to resist

It’s easy to say that any product provides added security, but the real proof is in certified testing and standards. Industry standards for forced-entry resistance are rigorous and include the ASTM’s (American Society of Testing Materials) test against impact and Underwriters Laboratories’ instructions for resisting break-ins.

Burglar- or impact-resistant glass can be designed to meet the requirements of any security system.

How it works

Burglar- or impact-resistant glass is first heated to temperatures of about 700 degrees Celsius and then rapidly air-cooled, creating a compressed layer that makes it four times more resistant than regular glass. This process “tempers” the glass, hence the term “tempered glass”. While extremely resistant, this glass can still break under powerful impact; however, the glass will shatter into many small, rounded, dull pieces, reducing the risk of cuts.

For complete peace of mind, you should consider a laminated burglar-resistant glass. The additional lamination will withstand severe winds and resist more extreme forces of impact. As an added layer of security, should the glass break, the laminated interlayer will continue to hold the glass together. In this event, the laminated layer greatly reduces the likelihood of personal injury and further intrusion.