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novembre 27, 2017 - Concord, Ontario

Manufacturing Process Engineer


Reporting directly to the Plant Manager, the Process Engineer is responsible for the initiation and management of projects designed to identify and improve the outcomes of manufacturing and operational processes to improve capacity, productivity, quality, on-time delivery, training and health and safety.


  • Develop, improve and maintain KPIs to track capacity, productivity, quality, on-time delivery and health & safety;
  • Develop best practices to improve production capacity, quality and reliability by keeping up to date with current product specifications, engineering technology and production processes;
  • Identify, initiate and facilitate process improvement projects and action plans to improve cultural change to improve productivity, quality, on-time delivery and safety;
  • Conduct root cause analysis to determine metrics, troubleshoot manufacturing/business and assembly issues, material flow, project plans, production capacity, facility design and create process documentation;
  • Carrying out advanced data collection and analysis for process mapping, developing budgets and cost analysis to determine project feasibility;
  • Initiate and develop value stream mapping to define “As-Is Analysis” and the transition to Future State;
  • Develop, initiate and conduct compliance audits, program evaluations and reviews to drive positive results to ensure change is permanent;
  • Use space-time technics to analyze manufacturing processes;
  • Compare and align financial productivity indicators with manufacturing performances; Develop operational strategies to achieve production and financial objectives;
  • Identify unsafe operations/practices and report them to management immediately; Participate in the development of a corrective action plan in order to establish safety procedures;
  • Develop operating instructions and equipment specifications for production;
  • Provide training and guidance to team members to achieve production goals;
  • Aid in budget preparation and monitor expenses and profitability;
  • Aid in the development and execution of production special projects determined by company growth and management;
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • 5+ years of engineering experience in a manufacturing environment or similar operation;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering or related discipline required;
  • Proven experience working with a medium – large sized manufacturing or production organization;
  • Previous experience in development and implementation of continuous improvement processes and procedures in a manufacturing context.


  • A strategic thinker who possess strong interpersonal, communication and talent development skills;
  • Excellent capacity to manage change and mobilize resources;
  • Ability to work well under pressure with a sense of urgency meeting tight and changing priorities and deadlines;
  • Recognized as a genuine team player who puts the team’s talents in the forefront and is perceived as a model by peers;
  • Driven by a sustained interest in operations, attuned to modern management approaches favoring improvements to a level of operational excellence;
  • Proudly promoting Vinylbilt’s interests, values and culture;
  • Excellent leadership skills, with strong moral, honest and rigorous sense of duty to the organization;
  • Strong customer focus with propensity to propose solutions and,
  • Ambassador of change and capable of influencing and supporting the team.
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