The Front Door: A Design Element

It’s where you greet your guests and you come home to each night. The front entrance of your home is also where you put up your wreath and, nowadays, decorate every holiday season

The Front Door: A Design Element

Because it sets a tone for your entire home, designing your front door can mean some important choices.

A personal style

Unless you’re selecting an off-the-shelf model, your front entrance will be a culmination of choices resulting in a very personal style statement.

After you’ve settled on the material and configuration, you’ll have to consider these design components:

  • Door panel: This is the door itself, which is usually embossed with a pattern.
  • Glass inserts known as “lites”: These come in a variety of sizes and styles, from basic to ornate.
  • Colour: Choose a stain colour for fibreglass or wood doors, or from unlimited paint colours for steel entrances.
  • Hardware: Available as multi-point or a traditional mortise-and-deadbolt combination.

Door panels

Style traditionnel

If you’ve identified your overall style as Traditional, Country or Contemporary, you will have already narrowed down the selections for your door panel.

With its deep, pronounced embossing, an executive-style door panel will suit an elegant traditional home, whereas a vintage-inspired panel with a decorative shelf would be the perfect note to complement a Country-style home. For those who admire clean, Contemporary lines, you’ll want to explore our new door panel collections, inspired by 60s mod with tall lites and repeating square patterns.

Decorative glass lites

Style traditionnel

The choice of decorative glass can transform an entrance system from average to stunning. Like door panels, each decorative glass collection will lend itself to a complementary style. Choices include stained glass, silkscreen and thermo-formed models.

When making your selection, remember to consider the transparency of the glass and where the door will be seen from inside your home, so that you’re comfortable once it’s installed.



Style traditionnel

For doors, the colour can be more playful. You may want to consider a bold choice such as poppy red or even acid-green shades that are fashionable in Contemporary homes. Do you have a colour in mind? Colour match almost any paint swatch for the right shade.