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janvier 16, 2018 - Terrebonne, Qc

Quality Coordinator - Atis


The incumbent is responsible for overseeing all activities of the Quality department. The quality coordinator manages and optimizes the quality system, ensures that quality and product reject rate objectives are met, manages and monitors the corrective and preventive action system and ensures cost of poor quality reduction goals are met and are in line with the annual budget.


  • Manage and supervise all activities of the Quality department, such as audits, indicators and various quality accreditations;
  • Supervise plant quality control;
  • Set up the tools required for applying, maintaining and improving quality system efficiency, such as internal and external audit planning, document management, metrology, process management, and non-conformance audit and monitoring procedures;
  • Develop, maintain and monitor a system of corrective and preventive actions indicating all opportunities for improvement and ensuring proper measures are taken to rectify identified non-conformity issues until they are fully resolved;
  • Develop and introduce performance indicators that measure product and process non-conformance, analyze the results, propose solutions and submit them to management and the various service managers concerned in view of increasing performance and ensuring continuous improvement of Production and other departments;
  • Identify and analyze process issues with concerned key stakeholders, develop management tools and implement the measures chosen to ensure continuous production improvement within the company;
  • In collaboration with the technical services manager, audit facilities on a regular basis to ensure the quality of products delivered on sites;
  • In collaboration with the supply chain vice-president, audit the supplier quality system, make the necessary recommendations, communicate the company's quality criteria and expectations, organize meetings with suppliers to discuss major product quality issues or review annual performance, and ensure issues are understood and that the required corrective measures are implemented by the supplier;
  • Contact representatives and customers concerned, after receiving formal product complaints, to review various quality issues and convey the solutions applied or to be applied;
  • Provide complaint-management support to the installation and service departments as needed and occasionally act as installation or after-sales service inspector;
  • Participate in new product development and keep abreast of technological innovations.


  • College or university degree in an appropriate discipline (building technology, engineering, operations management, administration, etc.);
  • Over 5 years’ experience in a quality-management position, ideally in a manufacturing and unionized environment;
  • Solid experience in developing and implementing manufacturing-related quality and continuous improvement processes and procedures;
  • Relevant experience in workplace accident prevention;
  • Strong ability to manage change and mobilize resources;
  • Ability to work under pressure, within tight deadlines and shifting priorities;
  • Good knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite;
  • Based in Terrebonne, the incumbent must be available for occasional travelling to client sites and across divisions.


  • Excellent communicator recognized as an authentic team player who puts the talents of team members at the forefront;
  • Driven by a sustained interest in operational excellence and quality, keeps ahead of modern management approaches to improvement for operational excellence;
  • Skilled negotiator able to influence colleagues, employees and business partners;
  • Considers workplace accident prevention is as important as production and quality;
  • Excellent leader, proud advocate of Atis' interests, values and culture and perceived as a role model by peers;
  • Exhibits strong ethics, integrity and rigor.
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