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janvier 16, 2018 - Terrebonne, Qc

Production Manager, Doors Division, Atis PF


The incumbent is responsible for managing and coordinating all door production and manufacturing operations, achieving results and other production indicators as planned in the budget. In addition, the manager must work as part of a team with other members of management and promote intra and inter-plant synergies within the group.

The production manager is a member of the division’s executive committee.


  • Manage and audit all door production activities to achieve annual budget objectives in the following departments:
  • Monitor and achieve production performance indicators;
  • Ensure daily production goals and labour requirements are met;
  • Implement the quality, productivity, profitability, workforce planning and management systems and processes and continuous improvement processes required to maximize use of door operations material and human resources;
  • Recommend and implement the automation systems and processes required to increase production efficiency and lower the cost of labor;
  • Recommend, implement and manage occupational health and safety programs and procedures to eliminate hazards and prevent accidents – also, promote worker safety and rehabilitation;
  • Recommend and implement any organizational changes required at plant level to optimize processes and procedures;
  • Recommend department-related investment and improvement requirements and measure ROIs;
  • Train, motivate and continuously assess team members in view of maintaining the highest level of employee commitment and performance;
  • Establish and maintain a work environment that promotes good labour relations with the union and employees, where the team is valued and mobilized for optimal organizational performance;
  • Evaluate, coach and act as a team mentor, identify talents and participate in talent development and succession planning;
  • Be a positive leader and a catalyst for change to all employees;
  • Ensure the rigorous application of corporate policies within the plants.


  • College or university training in an appropriate discipline (management, engineering, administration, etc.);
  • Over 5 years’ experience in a production management position, ideally in a manufacturing and unionized environment;
  • Solid experience in developing and implementing manufacturing-related continuous improvement processes and procedures;
  • Relevant experience in workplace accident prevention;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Strong ability to manage change and mobilize resources;
  • Ability to work under pressure, with tight deadlines and shifting priorities;
  • Based in Terrebonne, the incumbent must be available for occasional travel to client sites and across divisions.


  • Recognized as an authentic team player who puts the talents of team members at the forefront;
  • Driven by a sustained interest in operations, keeps abreast of modern management approaches privileging improvement for operational excellence;
  • Skilled negotiator able to influence colleagues, employees and business partners;
  • Considers workplace accident prevention as important as production and quality;
  • Excellent leader, proud advocate of Atis' interests, values and culture and perceived as a role model by peers;
  • Strong interpersonal, strategic consulting, team building and talent development skills;
  • Strong sense of ethics, integrity and rigor;
  • Customer oriented and solution-driven;
  • Change ambassador able to influence and coach the team.
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